Friday, 24 October 2008

Stuff in the pipeline

A few things of interest...

30-kilo / 66lb blob lift done. By one of the less brash but equally strong names here in the UK today (24/10/08).

A BIG supermatch - between the as yet unbeaten best the US has to offer and the current British Champ. As of now it's in discussion but a March date has been suggest.

More decent set CoC 4 closes here in the UK. I've hinted at this elsewhere and my feeling is that there are as many as six here who have already done it (not on video etc) or will do it (and yes on video).

Some more big name interviews. One is still a 'work in progress' (and has been for 3 weeks!!) and I'll be asking more names if they are willing to fess up.

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