Tuesday, 7 October 2008

October editorial

Hi all, John Beatty's fabulous feast also known as the BBB contest has just ended this past weekend with the famous 'Big Tony' cheesecakes a hit. We need something like that here. I was more jealous of the slap up food than I was the numbers lifted and that's coming from a hard core grip nut. Lists of pounds of meat comsumed just added to my hunger pangs.

Sam Solomi has asked if he can do a series on some of the basics starting with a breakdown on the various techniques used when training grippers so I'll be prodding to get cracking with the first one... you listening Sam??!!

I've a couple of people in mind for our next interview of the grip personalities and I'm just about to send a PM to the first on my list to see if they'd be interested. We've enough warped lifting freaks for a few months yet (probably all the way to 2010). Don't forget to add your input. If you have a question that needs asking - send it in.

Coming up soon is the BHSA annual get-to-gether on November 8th. I know David Horne and I want to do some heavy two hand pinches and with Martin in Sweden pulling an out of competition 117.4-kilos recently we'll need to raise our game. Hopefully David's injurys wont hoild that war horse back. I want between 107.5 and 110-kilos this time around.

Check out Martin's efforts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwl30H4-ZDU

Finally... a hot topic recently raised a couple of points. Firstly after much butt kissing of the author of, it must be said, a well written article, I pointed out that even the least capable athlete can still be the purveyor of the truth. Being a great lifter does not make you a great teacher. Secondly, as part of what was conveyed in the article and which, in a broader sense, I've stated sveral times recently... there are no 'better' routines, 'better ways of lifting' and so on. Even if we favour one over others (we all have our own way which we prefer) that you lift hard, recover and lift hard again is far more important than any magic way of doing a movement.

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