Friday, 31 October 2008

BHSA annual get-to-gether

Next weekend, Saturday November 8th, we will be holding our first annual gathering. The athletes let me know ahead of time what lifts they will be doing, we lift, then it's off for some food.

:Photo of a 111.7-kilo loaded pinch (almost lifted yesterday)

This year we have some of the better known British 'bods' including Laine Snook et al hoping to do something real special (probably involving a Millennium dumbbell), myself hoping to two hand pinch at LEAST 107.5-kilos and more, much more.

I should also have the first batch of our official sleeveless BHSA 'T's'. We're doing a deluxe membership renewal package of £17.50 which will include the shirt (XL and XXL). I've already got some virtual hands in the air for those.

Then afterwards we will all drive over to the Angel Chef for an all you can eat buffet meal. I'm sure there will be the usual BS'ing, strength feats (much to the other customers amusement no doubt) and more.

Should be fun. Watch the blog for photos.

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