Thursday, 5 March 2009

Let's get ready to rummbbbblllleeee!!!

It's competition season and so now is the time to get serious. For the average Joe or Jane they pick January 1st to think about knuckling down and doing something special. But for those of us that compete today will do.

Coming up in the next few months are, for me, 3 competitions. My warm-up event is the Peter Horne gig in April. Then I have the British Championships in May. I plan on doing very well in the first (1st or 2nd again), winning in the May comp and then there is what seems to be the grip event of 2009...

The Chad Woodhall event.

Chad has, for a while, been a full on competitor. I know, just from PM's and emails, that he wants to compete in his words 'against the best' but with David Horne's CoC event now off the cards his chance disappeared. He'd considered a super match against a few including ours truly. But with another little one on the way he changed tack.

So using business connections and not a little wedge of his own he set his own competition plans into action. First prize of $1000 has only been beaten once before at the 'Mike the Destroyers' somewhat strange event held a few years back (guess who won his own money back... oops). Unlike Mike, competing against his training partners (although at a fantastic venue - a very well attended (100000+) baloon festival) Chad has managed to invite and attract what is the current cream of the grip freaks.

One rather off putting aspect, coming of the back on what was a pedantic discussion on what is a blob (jeezus C!), was the pulling out of some Sorinex facility using athletes. FFS guys!! I'll put that BS to rest right now. The 'real' (ie: ld and hard to get a hold off) blobs cost a fucking fortune and most, inc me, don't have access to or the necessary cash to buy said blobs. So we make do. Now as to whether or not they are that much harder to pick up etc... seriously how much harder might they be? 5%, 10%? I've picked one up YEARS ago (at David Horne's) and I don't think they are all that. Now I'm picking up a York Legacy 25-kilo blob with weigh attached and others have done a original 50lb with 20+ attached. So should anyone be arguing about a 50lb 'original' being all that? Do the same people think that those who've put their names down to kick ass in the competition would struggle? No. They withdrew because of an off topic argument.

In my gym we have old school challenge boards and records list and on one it says 'man the fuck up'. Wanna see a picture to get the message? What is more daft is three of the guys were 330-350+lbs!! Seriously. 330+ and pulling out because of a 'old blob vs new blob' argument?? For real??

Right... I'll post more on this competition and who's gonna do what etc in time. But right now I'm off to the gym to kick some mo-fo ass (mine) on legs. I'll train under something goes twang, ruptures and bleeds, recover and do it again. Then come the day, money allowing, I'll do my best to make a name for myself.

Now all I need do is find someone to look after my cat for a few days... ;)

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