Saturday, 17 January 2009

Robert Baraban Grippers and me

As more than a few GWM readers will hopefully be aware Robert Baraban is the creator, maker and originator of his own brand of Grippers and Grip tools. Way back in 1997 Robert was among that elite group known as Captain's of Crush. So called because we (I managed the feat in 2001) had squeezed close an Ironmind No 3 gripper rated, according to its seller, at some 280 inch pounds.

Since that time Robert has been making a name for himself not just as a closer of grippers but as a manufacturer of grip strengthening tools. Using metal working skills and combining these with a 'hands on' (ahem) knowledge of what it takes to get truly strong hands, ndeed hands that are, quite frankly for those at the top of this particular (even peculiar) game of ours bordering in freaky strong, he has produced some very fine equipment.

Although not well known from his line of equipment he has made some thick handled bars and handles, grip machines, rolling handles and pinch blocks, bar bending trainers and even the highly prized grip dynometers (two different models but very high end).

As of a few days ago I took delivery of some 18 standard grippers and one prototype gripper. It is my intention to see if I can provide turn myself into the 'come to guy' for grippers here in the UK. Having made enough of a reputation with my ability to close them (being called 'probably the best on grippers right now' by none other than David Horne himself following a successful level 19 close with a 20mm set on his Vulcan gripper) I intend selling as many of the grippers and grip equipment as I can.

Without knocking the marketing savvy and selling skills of other sellers here only David Horne can also lay claim to actually being capable of having the high levels of strength and the knowledge which got him there. So I plan on starting with Rob's standard width hand grippers first then will add in his other bits of kit. In future I'd like to include other brands as well.

Rob's grippers can be brought from me directly (just drop me an email and I'll tell you how), via my hand gripper shop at: and via eBay (just search for RB grippers and there I'll be) Here's a link to the first eBay page:

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