Thursday, 8 January 2009

2009 a New Year

And so it begins.

Already the competition scene begins to warm up. With our annual Whey Power Challenge done and dusted and a level 19 20mm set done with David Horne and Nick McKinless as my witnesses my mind turns towards what I will be doing this year.

I've been saying on several forums, blogs, etc I don't 'do resolutions'. I explained this by saying that I normally have anywhere from 3 to 5 things knocking around in my head and one of those takes place in August. In between there's the Peter Horne gig (March or April), the BHSA championships, MM3-6 certs, helping out at the Severn Valley, tripping off to watch our boy Loz at the BSM... I can carry on. That's without work, birthdays and others to think on. Who needs resolutions when you have so much on the go? Not me.

That said I still understand the nature of standing on Jan 1st, feet astride as it were, looking into '09 with a view to making an even bigger mark than you did the year before. But I'm keen on keeping on putting into practise all the good habits I have used to get me where I've managed to get thus far.

If you all keep on getting stronger, winning comps, breaking records and raising the bar then it's job done. Resolutions - who needs them eh???

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