Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Our first editorial

Starting with this baby here in late August I hope to present a monthly round up of all things Grip related. For the uninitiated 'grip' means grippers, pinch, thin and thick bar lifts and more. Where needed a little side bar will explain what the hell were doing but most of the time it'll be pics, videos, news and reviews.

As with any online magazine there will be two things... teething problems and your input required.

I'll do what I can as a passionate nut job but as with any sport the more you guys and gals add to this venture the better it will be. I'm not looking for training logs but please email me with submissions and articles. I'll jazz them up with the help of any web design whizz kids we have among us and together we will do our best to present an interesting face to the world.

August features

  • The European Grip Championships
  • Product reviews
  • Ideas to improve the game
  • And more

Future issues to include

  • Competition results
  • Product reviews
  • Interviews with grip strength athletes, promoters and fans
  • Latest record updates
  • Links to grip sites of interest
  • Training tips from the Elite

So it's one more rep on a crush gripper and into ass kicking mode.


Steve 'Mobster' Gardener

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