Wednesday, 20 August 2008

August product review - THE VULCAN GRIPPER

David Horne creator
Where does one start when talking about the Vulcan Grippers Creator David Horne? The man was described as a 'Grip Legend' almost as soon as he started posting on the then fledgling Gripboard ( That he has won competition after competition, has god only knows how many records and, together with myself, is the driving force behind the BHSA here in the UK only begins to skim the surface of his involvement in our chosen hobby.

He's always been thinking hard of how to use standard exercise equipment and at the same time has modified and even created the odd item over the years. More recently, however, he's started producing items on a more commercial basis.

The vulcan gripper
One such item is his Vulcan Gripper (see photos from his world of grip shop right -

Based on the ever popular torsion spring style grippers you can see from the photos that the various notches up the sides of the loading pins allow you to select, by movement of the spring, different levels of tension. Using one of the charts on David's site you'll see you can start at level one and should you be good enough continue onwards to (I think) 22+.

Unlike most grippers, regardless of just how many you own, one of the better features this style of gripper allows is the addition of small amounts of tension via adding standard rubber bands. I personally find adding 3 - 4 post office bands is enough to take me from one step to the next.

David has a guide and information on the use of the gripper, especially for certification purposes (level 7 and above requiring video etc), on his site here:

From a purely personal point of view, having brought one of these for myself, I have to say I highly recommend it. That's not a 'he just sent me one as a sample and I love freebies' view but one I have given months ago on various sites.

The handles take chalk well enough if you use it often, the feel of it in use is almost (say 95%) like using a stanadard torsion spring gripper and as a training tool it's served me very well. My biggest problem was that I kept losing my rubber bands... with the gripper? None.

Mobster rating

Highly recommended 10/10

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