Monday, 10 November 2008

The annual BHSA event report.

Having managed to set up the BHSA with David Horne towards the end of 2007 one of our aims was to establish more events and gatherings. As well as a greater standardisation of lifts and equipments literally having something happening almost every month was important to us.

One of the ideas was similar to how the Peter Horne memorial day was previously run. You'd turn up, having told the guys what events you wanted to in advance, then do as few or as many of the other lifts as you wanted. With the Peter Horne day now an actual competition the Annual get-together became a 'bring what you got' day. And again as per previous gatherings here, in the US and in other parts of the world one of the best parts of the gatherings has been the meal and BS'ing which took place after.

With all that in mind we set the 8th of November as our lift and eat day. The venue was my Whey Consortium gym here in Gloucester and we put out the message to our members to see what they wanted to do. I personally was keen on doing what I could on the pinch, seeing where I was on the one hand thumbless deadlift (as per Laine Snook's suggestion) and perhaps (if my back allowed it) some double overhand thick bar deadlift.

Come the day and yours truly was fretting, as per, as to whether or not anyone was actually coming. In spite of delays by the torrential rain we managed to get Stew Killick and Kath, Laine Snook and Donna, Paul Savage and Paul Wood from the BHSA membership. Also in attendance throughout the day was Laurence and Harry Shahlaei and other Whey Gym regulars.

No BHSA records here. Paul Savage, myself and Paul Woods all had some fun. I may (subject to checking video) have right hand closed a 4.01 gripper but not CCS nor 20mm. Paul W got a PB on the Vulcan (Paul S's) at level 10 but again not CCS etc. Paul missed his attempts. I also was about 3mm off on closing a BBE left handed (no CCS/20mm just a personal thing). For whatever reason we all seemed off on this. Annoying. All lifts were done on a PB basis only hence no CCS/20mm

Myself, Loz and H all paid the price of 2HP x 20 x 1 on Tuesday. Every single one of us tore skin, nice blobs of blood etc etc. Best attempt was 106.7-kilos which I missed. Stew did some lifts to 90+ kilos Although I had the frame to lift to (bar blocks etc) the loading bar is bent and no one was close to any records.

Laine did a nice 2 hand deadlift with Paul's 30-kilo blobs (with ease I might add), also a one hand clean (subject to checking video) with one of the same 30-kilo blobs (from 60-kilo York Legacy dumbbells). I think Paul did a clean and press with the 20-kilo (HGT replica blob) by the face.

One hand deadlift (Ivanko O' bar) thumbless.
Laine and I, after some token work from Loz, I pulled a 125-kilo right handed lift (BHSA record) and then Laine, using his left, pulled 135-kilos. All plates were Ivanko competition plates so calibrated etc.

I did 1.05.31 hold on the baby Inch (about 20 seconds in I pulled it high, caught it and reapplied my grip before it hit the ground so as to hold it better). I did this (as did Stew) by half deadlifting it then holding it in the air so we did not rest it against our thighs) and Stew did about 30 or so. Mine was more or less double the old record - nice. I also did a Inch in each hand deadlift (standing up then throwing them down), Laine just missed (3 attempts) going all the way on a double Millennium (228 and 234lbs) deadlift. I picked up right handed each and every thick handled bell (from 126?? to 234lbs). I also tried to mimic Laine's Inch in the left and Millennium in the right (but no could do). Paul also did some work with the lighter bells but I think missed the full Inch. I also cleaned the baby with either hand (just touching it with the free hand both times to get it that last inch onto the shoulder). Bells were a combo of our HGT 'baby' Inch, HGT Inch and my Millennium and the rest from the Holle brothers (so nice 'n' sharp between handled and globes).

D/O A/A deadlift
Loz, Stew, Laine and myself all had some fun here. Everyone did at least 140 I think (not sure on Stew) Loz dropped out at 180 after getting that successfully (with his thumb as chewed up from mine from the pinch and having done a PB of 155kg on our medium 'log'). Laine, baring in mind he does not fully stand erect due to his back injury and myself both did 190-kilos/418lbs which I am told is a British record. For some 30 or so seconds I had the record with him then he pulled 200-kilos to go to the top of the list. Of all the stuff I'd hoped to be crazy on the Pinch but did my best work here instead. C'est la vie. All plates were Ivanko competition plates so calibrated etc. Bar was an 15-kilo IM A/A

Bar bending
I did not see all bar bending but did a very easy (10-secs) D/O to 40-degrees 7 x 1/4-inch CRS. Ditto a G5 (silver?? and possibly outside of 30 secs) but some 7-inch x 1/4inch square CRS was monstrous and all I could do was kink it.

Post, post lifting
I'm sure I missed a bunch so see what the others say later.Paul W, Laine and Donna, Stew and Cath and myself all enjoyed some nice food and a drink or 2 at the Angel Chef (all u can eat for £5.50!!) with yours truly talking/eating 2 main courses and some pud. Laine very kindly paid for us all!! Cheers again Laine. I'm sure Laine, Donna and Paul 'enjoyed' my sense of 'where's the place again' although we still arrived dead on time ha ha having done a mini-tour of the area on the other side of Gloucester Docks. I know it's around there somewhere he he. I know we're all gonna ache in the morning because carrying a plate of food back made my hands cramp up. I think everyone enjoyed themselves in spite of my mother hen clucking around to keep things moving along.

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