Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm waiting... are you? Get involved! September 2008 Editorial

It remains to be seen if some will get on board and participate with submissions to what I am hoping many will see as a service to all things grip. Right now, having asked a few, I am waiting on confirmation that I'll get a 'I was there' type of submission report on the event and subsequent activities which took place at the GGC 2008.

What applies to that subject applies to pretty much everything. There will always be those that watch from the sidelines and those that are, as it were, on the field of play. One of my targets in live is to do what I can to both get involved myself and to encourage others to do the same.

Away from this blog/magazine that means coaching, promoting, refereeing and so on. Not just, as I do, in grip and playing a small part in the field of 'Strongman' here in the UK but by being a gym instructor, a health trainer and so on. Some of you will already do so. But why not more? Don't leave it to the Bob's, Jedd's and Smitty's of this world to host sites with helpful info - submit some yourself!

Many of you have quite a wealth of untapped knowledge, others are full of ideas on how things might be done and still more have questions yet here at the desk I do not hear the sound of letters dropping onto my door mat, emails 'pinging' into my inbox or see post after post on grip strength related sites offering some real in sights.

Do NOT sit on the side lines become involved. Share ideas, post competition reports and so on. Handwriting awful? Can't edit for toffee? Just send it in and let me do the rest.
Finally don't let time be an excuse. I've seen this in emailed replies and I think 'err I've just seen you posting away for hours on some site, you took time to reply to the email, but the few minutes (10-15) that could have been used to do 200 or so words... pish.
No excuses - get submitting!

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odin said...

Steve, I hope you can get some more submissions and articles, thanks for trying to help the sport.