Thursday, 29 October 2009

Products pretending to be steroids... grrr

Thanks to a hotly debated (inc by me) topic on RXMuscle I awoke this morning with an idea of what to write today... so he we are. To quote Peter Griffin / Family Guy 'things that grind my gears'.

Now just to clarify there are some products, Pro-Hormones, SARMS and products which MAY have anabolic or 'roid like' properties out there. Most are marketed as such. It might even be argued that the marketing of said items and how they are described is a reflection on the supplement industry. That by calling something 'Mega Anabolic RX 2000' you're allowing people to assume more than they should.

We're fortunate, at least in magazine marketing and adverts, here in the UK to not have too many of the US style over the top and very close to the wind in word choice type of adverts to contend with. You CAN still buy these kinds of products from reseller type companies who import US PH style products. However, in the US and US magazines page after page of them are filled with the near knuckle and, in my opinion, well past the knuckle adverts of these kind of products.

I'm not 'grrr'ing at that part of the market. At least not today. It's the section where a bottle, complete with, in their words, a legit holographic security sticker, also has a name like 'TrenX' or 'DeccaY'. Products even have images of cows (FinaH) and the like. Companies producing said products buy up domain names of sites which previously sold, if illegally, steroids. The same companies produce bottles with labels which offer a homage to the product they purport to be. From the same colours, font and layout.

They aren't even fake steroids, not that that's a good thing, but for all intents and purposes give the impression of being the real thing. Heavy use of words such as anabolic and steroid (for, in their words, search engine purposes) litter their pages. In some place on their page will be either a legal declaration (ok under FDA regs or the like) and a line which clearly, if in a small way, says 'our products do not contain steroids'. Yet you'll have searched for steroids, seen a site recommending site X as a seller of steroids and then, without checking the small print, thought you were on a naughty hush-hush site selling them (no I never got scammed). I could go on. The cash these freaks make is out of this world. Something which, at best, as DHEA or Tribulus in it is sold as a months supply for $200.00 (yes that's correct). Even with the money back in not satisfied guarantee offered the site rakes in the cash.

To use a Brit phrase - they are taking the fucking biscuit.


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